Driving is a critical skill that everyone needs to learn nowadays. If you have decided to buy a new car then you can learn the safe driver course. It will help you to increase your skill in driving and get a license quickly. The wheel is important because it can set the basis of good and bad driving habits in the future. Millions of people are buying a car around the world. The car allows you to reach the destination safely and faster. If you have decided to do this course, you can choose the reputable driving school in Hornsby. They provide the most excellent coaching to the learner driver.

Safer drivers program – what is it?

Getting a driver’s license can be a difficult task and it involves lots of steps. Responsible driving is important to assure the safety of the public. Many drivers wait for a longer time before progressing to the unrestricted license. The safer drivers course Hornsby is ideal for people who need to gain skills in low-risk defensive driving. Accessing this course is an effective method to move forward with driving skills.

Modules of the safer driver program 

This course contains two modules as theory and practical. People who complete this course successfully will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge that helps to reduce the accident in the road. The theoretical module contains three hours and provides the participant’s skill needed to reduce the accident.

The learner will influence how to manage the risk while driving on the road through the group discussion. The theoretical class is managed by a trained instructor with up to twelve candidates.

The practical class takes two hours and is conducted with the two participants. They put the concept learned in the theoretical class into practice with the skilled instructor. It contains an in-vehicle coaching session with other participants using the risk management strategy.

The practical class should be taken within thirty days of module 1 completion. The duration of module 2 can vary based on the performance of the student. It helps the participants to adopt the low-risk driving behavior.

Who can take this driving course? 

The safe driver program is perfectly suitable for a teenager. Most of the drivers should undertake hundred-twenty hours of driving practice before moving to the provisional license from the learner license. It includes more than twenty hours of night driving for individuals who are under twenty-five years.

It is important to record every hour of practice in the official learner driver logbook. It will provide to the participant after they have passed the driver skill test. The learner driver has to hold their license for one year before they allow sitting the driving test for the provisional stage.

The participant who is under twenty-five years and has completed fifty log book driving hours can eligible for the safer drivers course Hornsby. It offers the participant with a quick route to get the license. This course is specially designed to start the practices of safer driving under twenty-five years. This course helps the learner driver to reduce road risk and accidents while driving.