Usually, bubbler’s appear like a shiny glass when you buy a brand new one. However, after you have used it a few times, you will notice a dark and sticky residue being build up in your bowl and also inside the chamber.

If you allow the resin to get accumulated for too long, then the bubbler will not work as efficiently as it used to work when you purchased it new from Express Smoke Shop. Also, you will notice that the flavor too has started tasting bad.

For many of you, it is very annoying, however, if you want, you can always clean the bubbler easily and make it like it was new when you bought it. You can also make sure that the bubbler will remain fresh even after many weeks after doing a deep cleaning by ensuring that the water inside it is always fresh.

Following are a few ways to keep the bubblers clean.

      A.  Cleaning the pipe

  1. Drain out the dirty water from the pipe

First, empty the pipe and make sure that no moisture content is present in the pipe. You must always refill the pipe with freshwater.

  1. Rinse the pipe with hot water

It will be much better to use hot water and then rinse the pipe vigorously so that all the particles present inside may flush out completely.

  1. Fill your pipe with rubbing salt and alcohol

Use isopropyl alcohol of higher purity and a raw sea salt, Epsom in 2:1 ratio, and fill the pipe.

  1. Vigorously shake your pipe for cleaning the inside

You can place your thumb at one end of the opening and shake the pipe so that all the bacteria present inside the pipe will be killed.

  1. Use a Q-tip for reaching inaccessible spots inside your pipe

Now you need to insert a Q-tip so that you can reach a certain inaccessible portion of the pipe and clean it thoroughly.

  1. Again rinse the pipe

If you find your pipe is still not clear then you can again rinse the pipe.

       B. Cleaning the stem and bowl

  1. Wash and wipe your stem

Now take your stem and allow a little hot water to scrub the stem.

  1. Place your stem inside a small bag

Now position your stem in the bag’s bottom and leave the top open. Your stem will not hold water like a pipe, so it will have to be clean in a different container.

  1. Fill your bag with an alcohol-salt solution

Again, by using 1:2 of salt and alcohol, hold up your bag, so that your stem must be completely submerged inside the solution.

  1. Slosh your bag until your stem is clean

Grip your bag by holding top and bottom. Now shake it from both sides. As you will shake and also massage your stem lightly by using your fingers tips it will rub the residual.

  1. Remove and rinse your stem

Now open your bag and then pour out the entire dirty alcohol-salt solution.