If you want to improve the data quality in online market research, then you should start by choosing the right set of participants. The participants that a researcher chooses for its study have to well suit to find answers to the queries that motivated the research.

However, the quality of data doesn’t end with the selection of participants. The researchers need to be aware of various threats to data quality. In this article, we will tell you ways to improve the quality of your data in an online market research survey.

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Recruit the Right Participants

Choosing the right participants for any market research project may not be a simple task for companies. When researchers have to choose among varying sources of online participants, it is important to consider how varying platforms assist or hinder the pursuit of superior quality data.

Researchers need to consider whether or not the length of the study, the type of the task, as well as commitment level they seek from participants are appropriate for the recruitment platform they use.

Ensure Participant Attention

A researcher should ensure that people should remain attentive in online studies. To do this, it is important to design interesting studies and give honest answers.

Furthermore, researchers should include several short attention-checking questions. It will help you evaluate the data quality and decide whether to eliminate participants from the dataset.

Verify Demographics of Participants

Researchers selectively target participants who are previously profiled, by the panel provider. They should always validate demographic information by asking participants for reporting key demographics in the study.

Discourage or Screen Dishonest Survey-Takers

Sometimes people who participate in online studies give wrong online data that may deceive researchers. Participants who are not truthful in their demographic information do this to qualify for studies for recruiting specific populations.

To avoid Non-Naive Participants

Some online platforms enable researchers to sample participants with varying levels of experience they have on the platform. It is important for researchers to ask participants whether or not they have been exposed to measures and manipulations on the platform.

Ensure That Participants Understand the Language of Market Survey

Online platforms help people from all parts of the world to participate in research studies. Researchers selectively recruit participants from selected countries, which ensures language comprehension is effective to enhance data quality.

Researchers can form a qualification for a set of people who passes a language comprehension test. They may set up a screener for the determination of the understanding survey language before entering a survey.


Ensuring data quality continuously requires that it evolves as the research project advances. After researchers choose the right set of participants as well as the right measures for the study, there are various ways for ensuring participants stay attentive, engaged, and honest with the research during data collection.