Maldives tops the bucket-list of many avid travellers. Since Maldives is associated with luxury, Maldives continues to be considered a fantasy for the rest – It is seen as the travel destination for the uber-rich. However, this is a misconception! With proper planning it is possible to plan a Maldives trip without breaking the bank. You can live your Maldives dream too.

How to make your Maldives trip memorable?

Pre-book in advance online:

Booking flights and accommodation months before travels helps you bag great deals. It also gives you enough time to compare prices online. That way you won’t be overpaying than required.

Wake up to crystal clear turquoise waters under your feet:

Water villas are definitely pricier than other lodging options but when you are in a glamorous place like Maldives, you shouldn’t miss such an amazing experience. If you are looking for water villas in Maldives, check out Baros Maldives water villa listed by top tourist specialists Zeldiva Luxury. Download their app and make your travel planning part easier.

Plan your travel depending on weather conditions:

Maldives has a tropical warm climate all year round with temperature ranging between 26° C and 29°, December to April is the peak season making it the most expensive months to travel while May through August has more rains and prices are less expensive.

Take a ferry to travel between islands:

Maldives has over 1200 islands out of which 800 are uninhabited. Speedboats cost roughly $20 per person while ferry costs just $2. Using ferry helps you save more and use the rest of your money on other exotic experiences. Ferry services aren’t available on Friday. Don’t spend the entire duration of your trip on one island.

Avoid travelling during the month of Ramadan:

During the month of Ramadan, hotels will be short of staff, many shops would remain closed during the time or worship and availability of food in outside restaurants would be limited during the day.

Pay a visit to bioluminescent beach:

The glowing beach at the Mudhdhoo Island is a spectacular sight. The ethereal effect is a result of phytoplanktons. Visit between the months of June and October during which the weather is just right for these organisms to glow brightly.

Maldives travelling advice:

  • Dress modestly: Though you can wear any clothing of your choice in resorts, it is important to dress modestly in other places since it is an Islamic country. Wearing bikini should be strictly limited to only private beaches.
  • No consumption of alcohol: Alcohol is only available on private islands and resorts. If you are staying elsewhere, head off to the shore of Maafushi island to buy overpriced drinks at their floating bar.
  • No littering: Strict fines are imposed for littering.
  • Pack necessary supplies: Pack required medicine supplies and kids’ goodies like diapers and baby food since you may find it hard to purchase it on the island.
  • Locals: Male tourists should refrain from talking to local women.
  • Vaccination: Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A prior to the trip.

Plan your Maldives trip using these tips. Enjoy an experience of a lifetime.