Getting high-quality information from the customers depends on the right questions. When you ask the right question, the customers will also give valuable answers. If the customers get confused, they might abandon the surveys as well. Further, you will always want happy and smiling customers. They might be willing to give feedback about the products served.

Qwary helps you in making good survey Vs questionnaire Vs poll questions at affordable rates. Just mention the company you need the surveys for. There are already ready-made templates on the website that the makers can use. Singularity and neutrality are something to be kept in mind to get amazing feedback from customers.

Ways to make the right questions in the questionnaire

  • Keep the questions straight and to the point

The questions you prepare must be easily understandable by the readers. The questions should not look fancy. It should be simple but should be able to interpret by the customers. Only then you can expect the right answers from the customers. You must use everyday language while making the questions.

  • Avoid either too many or too few options

Though you can’t put exact numbers on the questionnaire, but can think of using some quantitative methods. Likewise, there must be other options to collect the data from the rest. For example, if you have a pet store, you can put specific numbers of pets there are in the store.

  • Avoiding double-barred questions

Double-barred questions are hard to understand and it’s not even easy to do as well. For instance, how far you can go for a movie or dinner? This is a question with no specific answer. The respondent has to give two answers to a single question.

Ask straightforward questions. When you ask two questions, then the questions should be separately formed. This will give you accurate answers to the same.

  • Limiting the number of ranking options

When the respondents are asked to rank items, make sure you don’t cross six or more items. Besides, giving a long rank list will create abandoned surveys. If you need answers on all items on the list, consider making two questions instead of one.

  • Use clear meaning words

Avoid all kinds of phrases that make it difficult for the readers to interpret. Also, some words like most, several, numerous, etc. have different meanings to various people. You can use common words like the majority, almost, few, etc. When asking the multiple-choice question, provide a list of questions without overlapping.

  • Offer for opt-out questions that don’t apply

Many respondents don’t answer certain questions since they don’t have experience of the same. Further, for these situations, there should be a “Don’t know” option as well.

After completing the survey, match the questions against the list. You can make small edits in the end. If there is a rewrite question, you can make efforts to get it right.


Once you know the survey questions to ask, the best way is to ask the audience. With the right questions, you can attract the right audience.